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Emma & Peter

SIMPLY AMAZING! We had a unique request where we had a Summer/Winter Solstice Wedding. In the Summer we got married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse where we asked Dave and his team to take pictures of us and after at the Griffith Observatory for the stunning backdrops. All those shots were magnificent! 



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Peter & Emma_387.JPG.jpg

Peter H.

Asten & Tony

You will not find a better Photographer! He has the photographer’s eye and she pays attention to all of those little details that most of us women are self conscience about! Not only are his photos of an amazing quality (I can zoom in and it’s STILL crisp and clear), but to say that he has the photographer’s “eye” is an understatement! I have never seen so many amazing wedding photos EVER!!!

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Asten N.

Sue & Kelvin

Thanks Dave! We just L~O~V~E the way you accentuate the best side of us in this engagement shoot! A picture may speak a thousand words, but these pictures speak much more than words can ever described, and that is a feeling of elation.

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Kelvin L.

Win S.

Dave is awesome!! He is super funny and easy to get along with. He didn't mind chatting and making small talk with my parents during the event. He made artistic suggestions and gave posing instructions (that showed he cares about how the pictures actually come out, versus just snapping away - THANK U)

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Win S.

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