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How to Photograph the Perfect Couple Session

A few days before Christmas, I took a road trip with my wife and our dog to Yosemite National Park. We drove from Los Angeles and after a 2 hour drive, we made a quick stop at Smitten Coffee in downtown Bakersfield. After grabbing some coffee, we continued our drive to Autocamp in Midpines! Once we arrived, we checked in at their clubhouse and headed to our Airstream.

The Airstream was just perfect for us! We loved the sleek and clean look of the interior. The bathroom was just like what they described: spa-inspired. There was a lounging area with a sofa, the kitchen was equipped with pretty much everything that we needed and the bed was very comfortable.

We woke up early next morning, enjoyed our breakfast at the clubhouse and headed to Yosemite National Park. Of course the highlight of our trip was not only visiting Yosemite but also our stay and the special photo shoot that we planned for ourselves. With all the family sessions that we have finished before the holidays, we were thinking… why not have a special couple session for ourselves!

We wanted to have an adventure couple session / photoshoot where we would be wearing comfortable clothes, laughing and being ourselves and most importantly our dog Miele would be in it as well!

The set up for the photo shoot was simple and the entire experience was so much fun! First, I set up my Canon 5D Mark IV camera on a tripod then I linked the camera with the Canon Camera Connect app in my phone. Once the camera and the app were connected through wifi, I was able to take the pictures remotely with my phone. In some of the photos you can see the phone in front of me because I was pressing on the screen to capture the shots. I can’t even remember how many pictures we took, but the result was amazing! We have successfully photographed the perfect couple session for ourselves!

About Dave

I am wedding photographer based in Los Angeles California. Follow and leave me a note on my Instagram @capturebydave & @photobydave!

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